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Abercrombie, Joe. The Heroes.
Abraham, Daniel. Path of Dragons.
Baer, Will Christopher. Kiss Me, Judas.
Barker, Kim. The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Bell, Alden. The Reapers are the Angels.
Benn, James. Billy Boyle.
Bertrand, J. Mark. Back on Murder.
Bertrand, J. Mark. Pattern of Wounds.
Bianculli, David. Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.
Block, Lawrence. A Drop of the Hard Stuff.
Brownworth, Lars. Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization.
Buckingham, William, et al. The Philosophy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained.
Bujold, Lois McMaster. Cryoburn.
Burke, James Lee. Feast Day of Fools.
Cameron, W. Bruce. A Dog's Purpose.
Campion, Christopher James. Escape From Bellevue: A Dive Bar Odyssey.
Child, Lee. The Affair.
Conlon, Edward. Red on Red.
Connelly, Michael. The Fifth Witness.
Connelly, Michael. The Drop.
Connolly, John. The Burning Soul.
Crais, Robert. The Sentry.
Crummey, Michael. Galore.
DeSilva, Bruce. Rogue Island.
Donald, Angus. Outlaw.
Dorsey, Tim. Electric Barracuda.
Eisler, Barry. The Detachment.
Ellroy, James, and Otto Penzler, eds. The Best American Noir of the Century.
Estleman, Loren. Amos Walker: The Complete Story Collection.
Estleman, Loren. Infernal Angels.
Gilman, Felix. The Half-Made World.
Goldstein, Lisa. The Uncertain Places.
Grady, James. Mad Dogs.
Green, Simon R. A Hard Day's Knight.
Grossman, Lev. The Magician King.
Hall, James W. Dead Last.
Hallinan, Timothy. The Queen of Patpong.
Hambly, Barbara. Blood Maidens.
Harris, C.S. Where Shadows Dance.
Harrison, Jim. The English Major.
Hart, John. Iron House.
Harvey, Michael. The Fifth Floor.
Harvey, Michael. The Third Rail.
Harvey, Michael. We All Fall Down.
Hays, Tony. The Killing Way.
Hodder, Mark. The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack.
Hollihan, Keith. The Four Stages of Cruelty.
Jenkins, Sally, and John Stauffer. The State of Jones.
Jeter, K.W. Infernal Devices.
Jones, Howard Andrew. The Desert of Souls.
Kadrey, Richard. Kill the Dead.
Kadrey, Richard. Aloha From Hell.
Kimball, Kristin. The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love.
King, Laurie R. The Beekeeper's Apprentice.
King, Laurie R. A Monstrous Regiment of Women.
King, Laurie R. A Letter of Mary.
King, Laurie R. The Moor.
King, Laurie R. O Jerusalem.
King, Laurie R. Justice Hall.
King, Laurie R. The Game.
King, Laurie R. Locked Rooms.
King, Laurie R. The Language of Bees.
King, Laurie R. The God of the Hive.
Kipling, Rudyard. Kim.
Lansdale, Joe R. Devil Red.
Lansdale, Joe R. Hyenas.
Levien, David. 13 Million Dollar Pop.
Lippman, Laura, ed. Baltimore Noir.
Maberry, Jonathan. The King of Plagues.
Manfredo, Lou. Rizzo's Fire.
Minutaglio, Bill, and W. Michael Smith. Molly Ivins: A Rebel Life.
Moerk, Christian. Darling Jim.
O'Hearn, Denis. Nothing but an Unfinished Song: Bobby Sands, the Irish Hunger Striker Who Ignited a Generation.
Parker, Robert B. Sixkill.
Parker, T. Jefferson. The Border Lords.
Parris, S.J. Prophecy.
Pelecanos, George. The Cut.
Pepper, Andrew. The Last Days of Newgate.
Pevel, Pierre. The Alchemist in the Shadows.
Polansky, Daniel. Low Town.
Priest, Cherie. Ganymede.
Roberts, Gregory David. Shantaram.
Rock, Judith. The Rhetoric of Death.
Rothfuss, Patrick. The Wise Man's Fear.
Russo, Richard. That Old Cape Magic.
Sandford, John. Buried Prey.
Sandford, John. Shock Wave.
Sansom, C.J. Heartstone.
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa. Last Rituals.
Spencer-Fleming, Julia. In the Bleak Midwinter.
Spencer-Fleming, Julia. A Fountain Filled With Blood.
Spencer-Fleming, Julia. Out of the Deep I Cry.
Spencer-Fleming, Julia. To Darkness and to Death.
Spencer-Fleming, Julia. All Mortal Flesh.
Spencer-Fleming, Julia. I Shall Not Want.
Sykes, Bryan. Saxons, Vikings, and Celts: The Gentic Roots of Britain and Ireland.
Thomson, Keith. Once a Spy.
Thomson, Keith. Twice a Spy.
Spillane, Mickey, and Max Allan Collins. Kiss Her Goodbye.
Vowell, Sarah. Unfamiliar Fishes.
Wells, Dan. I Am Not a Serial Killer.
Wells, Martha. The Cloud Roads.
Westerson, Jeri. Troubled Bones.
Winslow, Don. The Dawn Patrol.
Winslow, Don. Savages.
Winslow, Don. The Gentleman's Hour.
Wolff, Mishna. I'm Down.
Wooding, Chris. Retribution Falls.

Date: 2012-01-03 09:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] strangertides.livejournal.com
Wow, 100+ this year, huh? I made it to 42. Only two in common; Infernal Devices and Retribution Falls.


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